Competitions and prize-giving operations


We make every “Game” an infallible mechanism.

With us, access to competitions and prize-giving is easy! We serve entities, tour operators, working with businesses of all sizes.


Contracts and Premium Operations are one of the most effective and flexible marketing tools that companies can use to achieve results related to company visibility, sales growth, loyalty to a specific target, data collection, keeping alive the relationship with customers, and supporting the launch campaign of a new product.


Contracts and prize-based operations are governed by precise, apparently complicated legislation requiring compliance with many bureaucratic practices.


Is to create a prize competition by defining with you a precise budget in line with the needs of the company, to evaluate with the company what ideas can be developed in line with the normal processes, we can help you create a competition that is effective and impactful.


We propose co-marketing actions with the aim of optimizing costs and enhancing the performance overall. If you want a great return on investment, we can help you achieve that with ease.

We deal with all bureaucratic and administrative practices so as not to make any mistakes, we suggest the mechanics of the most compelling competitions, we follow you step by step in choosing supplier partners for a proper economic appraisal (graphic design, printing media, packages software). Simply put, we are with you from start to finish, always.

We accompany you in choosing the competition rules, the most effective period and duration; We evaluate with you the most attractive prizes for the participants; We define with you the most suitable instrument for the type of the product vs. choosing from on-line mechanics, paperwork, at the point of sale or during a trade show.

The administrative practices, such as taking minutes are ours; We monitor the shipment of prizes and we are in touch with your winners until the end of the competition, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free process for all involved.


We provide safe and law-compliant software packages for managing the competitions; we assist the designers in order to make sure your advertising campaigns are compliant to the regulations.

Choose Mosaico Agency to organize your next event or prize-giving operation. We will make the difference.