Who We Are


Who We Are? A Formidable Team of Females

We are Elena Dell’Aquila and Flavia Massara. We met at high school, and then went on to study together at University. We then worked in tandem as hostesses, and started to look at the world of events during our studies. In 1995, we started the adventure that is today, The Mosaic Agency.

A company born from friendship, that has grown and evolved over time. What has been consistent for more than 20 years?

Passion, commitment, care, flexibility and a desire to surpass our client’s expectations every step of the way. These have always been our guiding principles from the most important and crucial choices to the smallest of details, a complete and comprehensive event is always assured.

With our different personalities, combining different ideas, resources and professionalism, each with its own different dynamicity.

Our world is made up of appointments, people, situations to solve and much more. All the features, often complex and unpredictable, that need to be combined with each other in respect of extremely different needs.

All of this makes us the go-to agency for events and corporate functions.

Knowing the importance of each of these elements, managing them safely, making them effective from start to finish, from idea to outcome, this is our job, it is who we are and what we love to do.

Our practice is to apply a fee for consulting and managing the event, but we do not charge a fee on the costs of the services and suppliers used for the event. This ensures you get total transparency and the best prices, always.

We analyze and carefully control the budget along with individual costs throughout the work progress. Delivering on time and on budget is our promise.


Our Team is energetic, enthusiastic and honest. We are constantly evolving according to the needs and “events” the world and the market presents to us. Keeping up to date with the latest trends and experiences makes us a cutting-edge, all-encompassing events business.

Each of our collaborators is hand-picked to work with our business. They are always reputable and have a proven relation and operational experience.


Elena Dell'Aquila


Flavia Massara


Elisa Caggiano


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